Wedding & Evening Dress Alterations

Christina Harding are one of the leading industry specialists, when it comes to making any alterations you may require to your wedding and evening dresses.

From materials such as hand sewn intricate lace, to beautiful Swarovski crystal bead work. We use only the very best materials give your dress back it’s wow factor!

The process of re-styling or altering your dress is taken with great care with high attention to detail for your special dress.

One of amendments we specialise in is the art of moving scalloped lace hems and hand sewing them back in place to shorten a wedding dress if required, we also take on the painstakingly task of carefully moving the beading for alterations on any type of dress.

We aim to give your dress the professional and elegant finish it deserves, while giving the illusion that it hasn’t even been altered.

We understand that not everyone knows what size they are or how long their inside leg is, which is why we offer our personalised one-to-one fitting service for you to benefit from. However, we suggest making contact as early as possible to discuss your requirements to avoid disappointment with the high demand.

Once a booking has been made for you to come in and discuss your requirements, we can then advise you on the time scales involved in terms of undertaking your alterations and give you a rough idea on how much the overall work is likely to cost.

We would usually suggest booking your first fitting no later than 8 weeks before the ‘big day’ rolls around, this will allow plenty of time for any work to be carried out and the necessary fittings to be complete.

We also offer customisation to any outfits you have an issue with, or perhaps you may just want to add your own personal style – eg. a dress with a zip at the back can be changed to a lace up alternative.

We do ask that for all fittings, you must please bring your bridal shoes, hoop or underskirt that you may have purchased to wear with your wedding dress and your bridal underwear, so that all of your alterations can be pinned as accurately as possible.


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